• 2600-0218-7298: Aika/Aika Village- The most well-known creepy dream town. Unravel a story about a little girl and her doll.
  • 2600-1856-4772: Hitokui- You can dress yourself up as a police officer or a bride while investigating what happened here. If you have the appetite. 
  • 2100-0784-7385: Shachipanda- Explore the town to uncover the memories of a dead girl and her killer.
  • 1900-0190-0083: Harudin- The central theme of this town is North Korea; specifically Japan’s attitude towards it.
  • 3200-0330-2755: Diablo-A town of artists with a grisly secret.
  • 1300-0108-1523: LSD- Not so much creepy as it is hilariously bizarre.
  • 3000-0845-9227: Chikore- A town that has been hacked/glitched. Caution: running into the waterfall may get you stuck.
  • 1700-0177-9037: Gewalt- Desolate-looking winter town. Filled with garbage, tree stumps, and many pitfalls.

I’ll update this list with any other good ones I find. Feel free to tell me of any! I am no longer adding to the list as I’ve been playing AC:NL less and less these days. If you want to add codes, reblog with your own.